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Basisinfo: S. Oliver Outlet Rottendorf

Name: S. Oliver Outlet Rottendorf

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Kategorie:Kleidung & Accessoires
Adresse:Am Moritzberg 3
97228 Rottendorf
Telefon:09302 / 3096495
Öffnungszeiten:Mo.-Fr.: 10.00 - 19.00 Uhr
Sa.: 09.00 - 18.00 Uhr
Marken:S. Oliver, Comma
Sparpotential:30% - 50%
Letztes Update:Die Daten für das S. Oliver Outlet Rottendorf wurden letztmalig am 01.11.2012 aktualisiert.

Rating:Outlet Center Rating
Kundenbewertung: 3.7 von 5 bei 551 Bewertungen.

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Meinungen:Bisher wurden 119 Erfahrungsberichte für das S. Oliver Outlet Rottendorf in 97228 Rottendorf gespeichert.

S. Oliver Outlet Rottendorf Bewertung  Am 28.09.2015 schrieb Andrea:
Sehr schöne Herbstware zu superpreisen !alles ist mindestens 50 % reduziert .Jacken sogar um die 70 % reduziert .Echte Schnäppchen auf die man nicht verzichten sollte!

S. Oliver Outlet Rottendorf Bewertung  Am 29.07.2015 schrieb Aline:
Brinner - Classic Pan-Cooked Breakfast for DinnerWe love Brinner (breakfast for dinner) at our house. Sometimes it’s just scelmbard eggs on toast, other times I’ll cook bacon or ham as well. It’s usually something I throw together at the end of a long and busy day when I just can’t get my head around cooking a ‘proper’ meal.Monday was one of those days, so we decided to try the Classic Pan-Cooked Breakfast recipe from the Jamie Oliver HomeCooker recipe book. Chipolatas, bacon, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and fried eggs with a little thyme.The stirring arm made this a no-brainer meal to prepare. I was even interrupted half way through with a phone call, left the room for a few minutes, then returned to find the bacon crisping nicely as it was stirring around the pan. Interruptions during brinner preparation usually result in the smoke alarm going off thanks to blackened (and sadly wasted) bacon, so this was a big plus for me.It was a little tricky to serve up the meal once it was done. I didn’t get a nice clean fried egg like the cookbook photo, but it all tasted delicious. I’m not sure how it would go with more than four eggs, but we might try that next time just to find out. I was worried that the pan would be difficult to clean, but I added water to the pot as the heating element was cooling down and by the time I was ready to wash everything up, the pan easily wiped clean. Definitely another HomeCooker recipe success. Would you recommend to other mums? Versatile & suitable for lots of recipes Saves time & makes my life easier Simple to understand & easy to use

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