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1 Erfahrungsbericht über das Stollwerck Outlet Köln

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Stollwerck Outlet Köln Bewertung  Ismael schrieb am 28/11/2015 :

to me, "EDUCATE YOURSELF, DONT BELIEVE WHAT THEY TELL YOU, QUESTION AUTHORITY, FIGHT, SCRAPE, SCREAM, AND DON'T GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF." There may be a generation gap here and I have been on the strtees since 16, but what does hardcore tell you?Since a bastion is one that is considered similar to a defensive stronghold, I believe that at one point in punk/hardcore history that is EXACTLY what it is(I choose to still live it that time). And although righteousness is quite often used for evil, it did at one point not only embody honor with it's well weaved and rather strong protective cocoon, but made 1000's and 1000's of kids believe it was in fact their bastion. Their home. Their safety. A place you would not normally worry about being abused, milked, oppressed, or overburdened.Good for you to not be lumped into it like the rest of us but I will gladly embrace my bastion of honor and righteousness. Even if your cold steely street cred has rendered you partially blind, it will still trump my silly pride I'm sure.I guess it's The Hardcore Home For The Deranged and Aged for me. It's on the corner of Pride and Honor send me a well worded letter.Ike.

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